Greenside Collection is the answer  for those who love green indoor. Acomplete collection that was created and developed around a natural material, MOSSdesign, a natural moss that needs neither light or irrigation but only a condition of surrounding environmental well-being. Objects designed to fit in any home, from the smallest of spaces to large hotel lobbies.

5 Terre – holders/lamp

This vertical garden takes inspiration from the traditional terraces of the Ligurian coast, where people for centuries with difficulty tore the farmland to the hills overlooking the sea. 5 Terre is ideal for anyone who does not want to give up their corner of nature and relax in the home.


Babilonia – floor lamp

The tops of the hanging gardens of the ancient city on the Euphrates climb around the figure of a truncated asymmetrical tower, where light filters through the bands covered in green, resulting in the perception of shape and volume unexpected. The floor lamp is made up of concentric bands and covered with washable fabric MOSSdesign.

Fouettè – separè

As dancers, the blades of the separé are wrapped up in themselves and spinning around show a dynamic profile, an surface Moss or a series of inclined planes that change in space.

Orto volante – pendant lamp

A new vision of green indoor, a combination of light and nature, where the green bride phytostimulants lighting functionality. Light filters through the green roof garden, where ornamental plants and herbs, even upside down, alternate and flow a carousel.

Sinkhole – coffè table

Sinkhole, like deep natural cavities created by the movement of the earth’s crust, it opens a new dimension of greenery within the area. This table and magazine rack evokes tropical scenery, caves and unspoiled landscapes, with a square meter of natural moss, establishing new sensory experiences.

XYZ – wall decoration

The system of axes, the optical art of Victor Vasarely and the ancient floors of Roman buildings are reflected in XYZ modules, a dramatic-looking piece of furniture where the optical effects are normally three-dimensional, solids and voids, given by sheet cut lasers alternates with small grafts mobile MOSSdesign.